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       Going through the college selection and touring process is grueling, time-consuming, and expensive. With thousands of colleges to choose from located all around the country, most high school students don’t even know where to start. Choosing where to attend a university is one of the most pivotal decisions a young person will make. That is why College Bound Tours was created - to simplify that process.

       College Bound Tours is based out of Los Angeles, California and is dedicated to helping students make the right decision in the college selection process. We offer live, synchronous video-based tours with hand-selected college students who attend the university you are interested in and are involved in the majors that you are considering. They will take you around the campus, show you the student life, take you through the dorms and other facilities, and any other places of interest, all while personally answering your questions. The best part is that all of this is done from the comfort of your own home. College Bound Tours is eliminating the need for you to spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets and hotel rooms every time you want to visit a college campus you are interested in. We are the real college tour.

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Christopher Hance and Alex Leko